Do I need a trust advisor in order to consider a gift to the Community Foundation?

We are here to help guide you. Our executive director can assist you as to whether you can make a gift directly or whether you should consider a trust advisor. We can recommend advisors if you wish.

Does planned giving only apply to wealthy people?

Anyone can make a gift to the Community Foundation of Warren County. Since our founding in 1949, thousands of individuals have made gifts to the Community Foundation of Warren County and the foundation is proud to say that in most cases, the donations can become lasting memorials that provide benefits “for good…forever.”

Does the Foundation have the ability to manage the charitable giving program for a business?

The Community Foundation of Warren County could take this time consuming responsibility off your hands and free you up to concentrate more on business decisions.

How do I apply for an agency grant?

Grants are made to tax-exempt entities that are asked to complete our standard application form.  Go to the “Apply for Grants” tab on this website and complete the application and attach the requested material.

How much should we ask for?

Request whatever you need for your project. The Community Foundation of Warren County will evaluate your request and make its decision based on the appropriateness of the project and the availability of funds.  Please demonstrate that funding is being sought from multiple sources and who those sources may be.

May any group or individual apply for a grant?

A recipient must have confirmed tax-exempt status from the IRS, and a copy of that confirmation must accompany your application.

How soon will I know if an award has been made?

The Community Foundation of Warren County Board usually meets every month. Most decisions are made within that time frame unless further information is needed.

How would we begin to establish a named scholarship for students?

The Community Foundation of Warren County currently has 40 scholarship funds that we administer annually. We can work with you to establish a scholarship that fits your interests.

Is a gift of under $1,000 meaningful to the Community Foundation?

Yes, the Community Foundation welcomes gifts of all sizes! Please consult with our executive director for guidance depending on your field of interest (e.g., Scholarships, Arts, Community, Healthcare, Church, etc.)

May I make a gift to the Community Foundation, even though I do not want to set up my own charitable fund?

You can add gifts to certain existing trusts. For example, The Kids in Need Fund, Blair Scholarship Fund, United Fund, a favored church fund, etc. Contact our executive director to get details.

May we request funds for administrative/Operating costs?


Will grants be made that cover multiple years?

Larger grants are sometimes allocated over two or three years, but most grants are for a one-time project. However, an organization that has more than one project may submit more than one request.

Will the Community Foundation support or contribute to our organization’s endowment fund?

No. This is not a permissible function. We are certainly prepared to provide assistance to any charity wishing to establish such a fund within the Community Foundation of Warren County.