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Letter from CEO and Executive Director


In 1949, a small group of men and women thought that Warren County should have a foundation that would be able to provide support for education and various other projects for the citizens of Warren County and its immediate environs. From its initial modest beginnings, this foundation has grown into a multi-million dollar organization.  This growth has been possible through the generous gifts of numerous Warren County residents and the conservative investment of the Board of Directors.  

In the last 5 years, the Community Foundation of Warren County has made distributions totaling over $10 million to local non-profit organizations and to scholarships for students attending colleges or trade schools.  The organizations range from the Arts, to Communities, Schools, Youth/Families, Churches, and Health Care.  Over $5 million has been for scholarships that benefit several hundred students annually, with most of the scholarships continuing over a 4 or 5 year college career.

The DeFrees Family Memorial Fund is a component fund of the CFOWC. It has a separate committee that reviews the grant requests and determines which organizations will receive grants.  This committee meets quarterly (January, April, July, October).  Organizations are permitted to file grant requests with both the DeFrees Family Memorial Fund and the Community Foundation of Warren County’s Unrestricted Fund, and could be eligible to receive a grant from each Fund.

Warren County has been blessed by the foresight of these early founders and by the generosity of numerous donors over the past 65 years.  As we move into a new decade, new challenges and opportunities will present themselves for the Community Foundation of Warren County to meet.  With continued support we are confident these challenges and opportunities will continue to be met.

Thanks for your interest in the Community Foundation of Warren County.  We encourage you to join us in assuring that our efforts will continue “for good…forever.”

John Hanna

Robert A. Kaemmerer
Executive Director