Progress Report


From its initial modest beginnings in 1949 the Community Foundation has grown into a thriving organization with over $75 million in assets under management.


The Community Foundation of Warren County Relies on and Supports the Prosperity of Our Communities

At the Community Foundation of Warren County, we think of prosperity in two ways. First, we are grateful for the wealth of Warren County residents over the years.  Their financial success has resulted in many gifts to the Foundation which have increased in value through conservative investment and spending policies.  Gifts of all sizes are welcomed and have contributed to the Foundation’s growth.

Second, we think of the prosperity of our communities – as evidenced by the success of our fellow citizens.  These people are helped by the many non-profits that are beneficiaries of funds established at the Community Foundation.  For 70 years, the Foundation has provided support to many charitable organizations through estate gifts, dedicated funds, and grants made to support community projects.  We see these activities as central to the role the Foundation plays in contributing to the quality of life in our area.

The Community Foundation was established to positively affect all of Warren County, providing support for the areas of health, education, the arts, and other community needs.

The list of organizations that receive regular support is long, as is the list of non-profits that apply for and receive grants for their projects. Within its established guidelines, the Foundation is there to consider how it can provide financial help whenever and wherever there is a need in Warren County. Since 1949, the Community Foundation of Warren County has been dedicated to sustaining and enhancing the quality of life in Warren County through philanthropy. For more information about the Foundation’s activities, or to learn how you can help, visit us on the web at, call us at (814) 726-9553 or visit us at 310 Second Avenue in Warren.  We will be happy to work with you to help this and future generations in Warren County.

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